Is Your Facial Scrub Toxic? ?>

Is Your Facial Scrub Toxic?

Have you ever bought or used Aveeno’s “positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub”? Aveeno claims this daily scrub will make your skin look luminous because of its unique formula combining soy extract and microbeads to gently exfoliate. Oil free, soap free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic. In short, it’s near to perfection as you can wish for to achieve radiant looking skin everyday. Except. This product, and other countless beauty products in the market are hiding a nasty secret. Hundreds of thousands of…

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Know The Difference Between Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils And Flavor Oils ?>

Know The Difference Between Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils And Flavor Oils

There is a distinct difference between essential oils, fragrance and flavor oils which is important to know when crafting your own cosmetics. Using one in place of the other may be okay for certain instances but not for all as is the case with diy lip balms. Essential Oils Essential oils are ultra concentrated, natural, aromatic fluid usually extracted through steam distillation from the parent plant. Though it is called an oil, it is a fluid which contains the natural…

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Honey Orange Revitalizing Cream For Dry Skin ?>

Honey Orange Revitalizing Cream For Dry Skin

The weather is finally offering us a glimpse of sunny days ahead! To celebrate this transition period from spring to summer, I created this honey orange cream for dry skin. I call it my burst of sunshine in a jar. The addition of honey provides a smoother application. It is also a humectant, attracting and locking in moisture which dry skin really needs. Evening primrose, olive and sea buckthorn oils provide a triple skin treat – olive oil is also…

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Homemade Honey Oatmeal Facial Mask ?>

Homemade Honey Oatmeal Facial Mask

I came up with this honey oatmeal facial mask after my skin had a bad reaction from a moisturizer. It was supposed to make my skin softer and even out blemishes. Instead it left patches of raw skin on my face. While a zinc ointment helped soothe the pain, my skin felt raw and left looking like I had a nasty case of sunburn. This facial mask has three ingredients: honey, oats and mayonnaise. Honey – has antibacterial and antioxidant…

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Avocado Nourishing Hand Butter ?>

Avocado Nourishing Hand Butter

I started making this avocado nourishing hand butter five years ago, my first ever attempt at creating a body butter. I found that it worked really good on my scratched and hyper dry hands after a heavy gardening day. If you’re like me who often finds myself tearing off my gloves to better dig in the dirt or pull plants, it helps restore moisture and soothe minor cuts faster. So year after year come spring time, I make this simple…

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